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Books and Chapters

Ferrante, A., Loh, N. and Fernandez, J. Crime and Justice Statistics for Western Australia: 1997, Perth, Crime Research Centre, University of Western Australia (1998)

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Journal Articles

Baron, P. and Vanderaa, S. The Waterfront Dispute, The Lawson Institute Journal, 2: pp 1-2 (1998)

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O'Donovan, J. A Reply to Lam Soon (Lam Soon Australia Pty Ltd (admin apptd) v Molit (No 53) Pty Ltd, Insolvency Law Journal, 6: pp 15-18 (1998)

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Conference Publications

Worrall, A. Real Punishment for Real Criminals? Community Sentences and the Gendering of Punishment, British Criminology Conference, Loughborough United Kingdom, British Society of Criminology, 1: pp 1-12 (1998)


Moyle, P. Private Contract Managment of Prisons - Exploring Key Policy and Implementation Issues, Griffith Law Review, 7:1, pp 144-150, Queensland, Australia (1998)

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